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Golden Nuggets: Definitely need to limit turnovers

Goood morning everyone. Today I've got plenty of links for you, a couple previews, some audio clips, some interviews and notes and all that good stuff. I'm also going to try and keep my grammar up to par in this edition of the Nuggets considering the fact that some of you have been complaining lately! As the weekend draws closer all I can do is get more and more confident that the 49ers are going to do some winning on Sunday. I'm expecting good things from this team both offensively and defensively, though I expect the defense to look much more impressive. In a hurry again, so on to the links.

Jimmy Raye is getting ready for the Packers defense. (

The offense isn't sure which Packers D will show up on Sunday, though. (

The 49ers defense should get their chance at Aaron Rodgers, however. (

Limiting turnovers is the 49ers number one concern on offense, sadly I feel this will always be the case if Alex Smith is our starting quarterback. (

We're witnessing the passing of a passing era, a look at Isaac Bruce and his part in the Greatest Show on Turf and his part on the 49ers. (

You can listen to two conference calls from the Packers from yesterday. (

Check out this 49ers team report. (

What do you think is the best method, starting QBs right away or letting them sit and learn? (

Both Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith are taking and are probably going to continue taking a lot of hits. (

Wilhelm will be ready to start if Takeo Spikes can't play. I really likes Spikes, I hope he can play. (