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Joe Staley, Nate Clements injury updates/MNF Thread

The 49ers just released updated information.  Since we also need a Monday Night Football thread, feel free to use this for everything.

The 49ers are reporting that CB Nate Clements suffered a right fractured scapula Sunday and will be sidelined 6-8 weeks.  LT Joe Staley suffered sprains to the MCL and PCL of his right knee and will be sidelined for 6 weeks.  DT Demetric Evans suffered an AC sprain in his left shoulder and will miss 3 weeks.

This is definitely not a good thing.  The Staley injury means Barry Sims will be in the starting lineup for the next six weeks at least.  Something a bit more interesting is that maybe this means Alex Boone will be coming off the practice squad.  When a player is signed off the PS he has to stay on the roster for at least three weeks, which wouldn't be a problem in this case.

Enjoy what should be a fun Falcons-Saints game tonight.