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Panthers Watch 2009: Wildcat always trumps a Panther!

Praise be to the Miami Dolphins for taking care of business last night against the Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers came into the game as 3 point favorites and almost pulled off an impressive comeback.  The Dolphins jumped on top 14-3, before the Panthers crept to within a field goal.  However, Ricky Williams was simply too much for the Panthers.  Williams finished the game with 119 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown.

Chad Henne was solid enough to get past a rather ugly performance from our man Jake Delhomme.  Delhomme finished the game 19/42 for 227 yards, a touchdown and an interception.  The Panthers rushing attack was solid yet again, but it was just not enough to overcome a solid performance from the Dolphins.  Delhomme and the Panthers had a shot to tie it up at the end of the game, but Delhomme couldn't complete a 26 yard hail mary at the end of the game.

Week 12 - @ NY Jets
This is a very intriguing matchup for the Panthers.  After a hot start, the Jets are struggling with two straight losses, but the Panthers haven't exactly wowed folks.  The Jets head into Gillette Stadium to face the Patriots on Sunday so we might get a better idea of where they're at.  I've felt the Jets were overrated all season long, but I'm certainly hoping they step up in ten days when they host the Panthers.  The good news for 49ers fans, aside from the draft pick perk is the fact that the Panthers were tied with the 49ers in the wildcard race, so every Panthers loss remains an additional plus in that battle.