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Golden Nuggets: All About YAC

Ahhh, it's getting closer and closer to the weekend! Not only am I confident in the 49ers this weekend but on Saturday I'll be watching UFC 106, so this weekend is looking pretty stacked at this point. Still, Sunday is my most anticipated event of course, I only wish it was at Candlestick so I could be there to watch it. My voice is just fully recovering since I completely destroyed it during the Bears game and I wish I could get another chance to ruin it on Sunday. I suppose if the Niners end up getting beat badly I'll have a reason to scream at the TV at least, no? Anyway, I have a decent amount of links for you today, I think a few previews are coming out and I shouldn't be in a hurry for once, though I am pretty tired. Note that I completely refuse to re-read these links each day so if I make grammatical errors well... it's 2:15 AM currently, so there. Here's some linkage.

Upon further review it seems like the 2005 QB class wasn't so bad at all. This article makes some good points but um... I'm not really convinced. It stunk. (

This is my number one concern for Sunday--stopping Green Bay's YAC! The 49ers defense outside of Patrick Willis and Manny Lawson have looked slower than ever. (

Speaking of YAC, WR Michael Crabtree is looking to get some more of it as he looks to improve his game. (

Crabtree is concerned with wins more than anything, not necessarily touchdowns. If you didn't know, he doesn't have one yet this season. He'll get it on Sunday. (

Here is yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The 49ers aren't the only team being cautious with concussions--the Packers are being cautious with Aaron Kampman. I suppose this is good, considering I recall an ex-Packer saying on the radio that the method of checking whether or not a player was ready to come back after "getting his bell rung" was to have him run one-on-one into then MLB Ray Nitschke, if they didn't pass out or anything, they'd go back in. Fun fun. (

Votes on the new 49er stadium could happen next year. I never read this, just an FYI. (

Frank Gore will be in on a lot of blitz pick-up on Sunday. I'm hoping we use Vernon Davis a bit less in this... I just think he's becoming far too valuable as a receiving tight end to waste half of his snaps blocking. (

The Niners finished their practice early and get two days of review before the game Sunday. (

The team is rested and ready after what you could call their second bye week. (

Tackling is getting special emphasis from the defense this week. There were a lot of sloppy, missed tackles last Thursday. (

It's going to be cold.. I really hope it doesn't snow, though. I can't imagine Smith throwing very well in the snow.. (

I certainly hope we don't use Frank Gore TOO much, I don't want his career over sooner than it has to be. (

Takeo Spikes could miss the game Sunday... I really hope not, Spikes is my favorite 49er and it's not even close. (