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Golden Nuggets: No, it doesn't make sense. Not at all.

It's Saturday and I'm pumped. The game tomorrow should be really good, I honestly can't wait. I really wish I had a dependable car so I could just up and take a road trip and talk a whole lot of trash to some Packer fans. Anyway, and I mean no disrespect to the 49ers, but from the time after I post this until tomorrow morning I won't be thinking about the 49ers a whole lot as I'm going to be busy tonight watching UFC 106. Still, I'm excited for the game right now and I should be plenty until it starts. I'm so starved for 49ers conversation I walked down to 7-11 about fifteen minutes ago so I could talk to the guy there who works overnight who I happen to know is a 49er fan. And yeah, it's 1 AM right now so that's dedication, mind you. I have a couple links for you, not as many as yesterday though. I'll get to 'em.

WR Michael Crabtree is legitimately bothered by his two drops this season. He says it keeps him up at night sometimes. That's pretty rough. (

Four players were fined last Thursday, three of them from the 49ers. (

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no, never. "Does the 4-3 make any sense?" For the 49ers? No, no it does not. Not at all. Don't want it, not ever. Also disagree with a lot of what is said within the article. (

The 49ers have their eyes on a couple of Green Bay's key players on defense. (

DT Aubrayo Franklin should be making the big bucks come next season. (

Teams Talk: Mark Roman on the Packers. (

The Niners hope to get back to .500 tomorrow with a win, all the while looking to get better. (

After only a couple games, it must say something about Michael Crabtree in that he's already the 49ers top WR on the depth chart. (