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Golden Nuggets: Gonna be a good day

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Good morning everyone! It's gameday, as I'm sure you know.. I'm writing this just after rewatching UFC 106 and man am I tired. I'm also pumped at the same time, which is a weird feeling. I'm stoked because the fights were good and now everyone in my house is hyping up the game tomorrow. I should have a good amount of links tonight though I'm writing this before checking, I bet I'll have a bunch of previews and the like, probably some notes and quotes and all that good stuff. I'll be participating in the gameday thread for the first time this season so I mean.. with some star power such as myself.. should be a good thread, right?! Anyway, as you can probably tell I'm incredibly tired so I'll get right to the links before I completely embarrass myself. Enjoy 'em all, and as always... Go Niners!!

This debate will probably never be settled, even if Alex Smith continues to bust and Aaron Rodgers continues to impress. What is the best way to handle a rookie quarterback? Sit and learn 'im or start him right away. Also, I will strike anyone who actually assumes "learn 'im" was anything but completely intentional and not an actual part of my vocabulary. (

Here's the scouting report from Barrows, a pretty good breakdown on what's going to happen today. (

If you can't watch the game be sure to check out the game center at Interestingly enough, at the time of writing this the poll for "who will win today" is 50/50 right now. (

The 49ers have been showing balance from the shotgun formation, being surprisingly productive at running the ball from it. (

Here's a preview from the Chronicle. ( also has a video preview which I keep forgetting about. (

The 49ers should definitely use their franchise tag on Aubrayo Franklin if they can't get him extended. (

Another preview from a site I'm not really fond of, but you may like. (

And another one from a site I've never even heard of. (

Huh..  in this preview they clearly state that the 49ers have a better defensive line and then say "Advantage - Packers." I also think that the 49ers have better linebackers, and it's not even close. (

Curious to know what games you'll be getting in your area on Sunday? I've always found this site to be incredibly helpful. Well, I have Sunday ticket now... but yeah. (

The 49ers links are done for now (couldn't find as many links, surprisingly) but I found this little gem while browsing our resident Broncos blog today... I think we can all smile and feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside that our bay-area rivals picked a wide receiver over Michael Crabtree who happens to have a negative column named after him--mostly due from being the star of said column. Give it a look see. (