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Golden Nuggets: Worse than a blowout

Good morning to you all, I'm here and I suppose I need to be laughed at just a little bit. I was confident all week and I did nothing but talk up my Niners and how they would win. My gut was wrong, which, and not to brag here, doesn't happen a lot. The 49ers came out and played themselves a sorry game fraught with bad decisions and bad play. The team forgot how to tackle, Alex forgot how to throw and everybody seemed to move in slow motion. The Packers offensive line decided they knew how to block and somebody forgot to tell Green Bay's secondary that they have no business NOT being washed up. It was such a disappointing game, with what's been going on in my life lately I swear I was gonna be borderline smashing my computer into the wall, fortunately I had a very good night so I'm at least feeling a little better. Still, we cannot ignore the problems with the 49ers.. I'll be putting together a huge post on one of the sites I write for concerning the future of this team.. until then check out some links and be around at 7 AM PST for the Nate Davis post Fooch is putting together. Thanks. Here's your links.

Yeah, the 49ers lost yesterday, and they were beaten by the QB they passed up. And also by the QB they eventually took. (

I completely agree with this--the coaches screwed this game over with a terrible gameplan. I fail to see how McCarthy of all people outplanned us. Ugh. (

I'm sick of all these close losses. Just blow us out again so I can stop being confident, ugh. (

Yeah, one big problem that I just KNEW was going to be an issue (quote me on it)... This team still hasn't found a replacement for Allen Rossum. (

Michael Lewis was back to his tackle-happy self, which is a good sign. (

WR Michael Crabtree says the spread offense is the way to go. (

Should the 49ers adjust to Alex Smith's skillset? (

I suppose it's good that Aaron Rodgers isn't gloating about beating the 49ers. (

I'm sick of the "late rallies" that always come up short--especially when the coaching is to blame at times. (

Did the 49ers start to come back due to the spread? (

Maiocco has a report card for the 49ers. It almost seems like the man is drunk and upset as he writes this one. I suppose it's better than the report card I'd put together, it'd just be a wadded up piece of paper with spit on it. (

The DBs didn't answer Singletary's challenge. (

Here's another game review from the official website. (

And here is Maiocco's post-game. (