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Mike Singletary Monday lunchtime press conference

It's the Monday morning after another Sunday loss and that means we get Mike Singletary's weekly Monday press conference at 11:45am.  The 49ers are coming off a disappointing loss in Green Bay that once again seemed to raise more questions than answers.  I'll post the transcript later in the day, but for now feel free to use this post to discuss the press conference.  The link above takes you to a live stream of the press conference.

So what do we want answered out of this?  I'd love to see someone ask Singletary about Crabtree and Davis's comments regarding the use of a more "spread" style offense.  Speaking of the "spread" offense, due to the breakdown of things, the "offense" post I was planning for today will go up tomorrow around 11ish.  But either way, I'd like to hear something about the offense, both o-line and the play-calling.

As for the defense, there were some big issues with tackling and finishing off plays that will hopefully come up today.  The 49ers repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with shoddy tackling.

So, once again, if you want to watch Mike Singletary's press conference, head over to