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Golden Nuggets: Couldn't tell ya..

Morning folks, morning! James here coming your way in a good mood for once. Yes, you heard it right, a good mood. Mostly because I had things that of course, made me happy today--I fully expect my mood to go lower and lower and lower as I read about the Niners. I hadn't really thought about them at all today, aside from the trash talk I received from this Raiders fan I know, but I'm sure I have a good amount of links for you today concerning the team and their failures. We came up short, really short, and I don't see it going much better from here. Sure, a wildcard is still within reach but I'm seriously doubting that this team can pull it together and get it done. I still have hope though, this isn't a terrible team by any means and I'd go as far as to say it's the most talented in the division, why things aren't coming together I couldn't tell ya. I'll just get to providing you with some linkage. Here ya go.

Coach Singletary is angry with the 49ers current record, which stands at 4-6.(

The 49ers need to plot a course on offense and stick with it. (

The team reportedly dropped the previous tampering charges filed by the Jets. This sucks. (

Even Singletary can admit that the 49ers playoffs hopes are dwindling. Ugh, here comes the depression. (

Singletary is dedicated to QB Alex Smith, but to the spread? Eh.. not so much. (

Here's some Monday Locker Room Talk.. yay. (

Here is yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Hm. This article really reeks of "hey I like being up my own [site decorum]" but I won't read it. Title is "To air is human, but personnel is less than divine." (