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Golden Nuggets: Oh no, not Brown..

Good morning folks, James here. Sorry for the disturbing lack of links yesterday. I was very tired and had a lot to take care of. Today I've got more for you, but I can only give you what is available and there's not as many as I'd hoped. Of news today is that CB Tarell Brown may get demoted from the starting lineup. This is... rather depressing to me, I thought Brown might be the future at CB for the 49ers but I guess he's not really in the plans moving forward if he keeps making all these mistakes. He is without a doubt the most athletically gifted player in the secondary and probably second on the whole defense, it's just odd that he isn't  performing well. I still say I'd rather see him start than Dre' Bly, a player I just flat out do not like. Oh well, I guess I'll just get to your links and be on my way. Here you guys go.

As I said a bit ago, CB Tarell Brown could possibly be demoted for Sunday's game against the Jaguars. (

The team is trying to get their heads straight right now, living for the moment and looking no further than Sunday's game. This is good, concentrate on the opponent at hand, don't pay attention to the Cardinals. Just watch the Jags. (

Here's a couple conference calls concerning the Jaguars. (

How about this? Wooh, Alex Smith could be a great fantasy pickup... in week sixteen against the Lions when real quarterbacks may be resting. (

LB Takeo Spikes is hoping to be back from his injury on Sunday. (

Here is yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Ah crap... I have a feeling this guy is going to have a huge game. Not good. (