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Golden Nuggets: No Bruce? hm....

Morning folks, James here. First off, here's to hoping your Thanksgiving went well, mine was a bit up and down but it recovered well! I hope all of you had a good time eating and watching football, and I'm hoping that LondonNiner didn't go too hungry without all that turkey! I'll have you all know our loveable Londoner wished us all a happy Thanksgiving without even a little bit of resentment, so he gets a shoutout in the Nuggets. (Lame prize I know, sorry.) Anyway.. we've got a game on Sunday, the Jaguars are coming to Candlestick and I'm hoping the 49ers have a good win coming their way. I know that last time I was told that if I exhausted my voice during the game we would win, well I couldn't talk for a day and I plan on doing it again as I'll be once again attending said game. I don't know how many links I have for you, but deal with it you ungrateful lot! Just kidding.. here's your links, folks.

49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye is urging the fans to give Alex Smith a chance. (

Smith seems to have 100% of Raye's backing. Hm.. (

He says that his play has "tilted towards outstanding." Now I know we are watching different quarterbacks. Smith hasn't been outstanding since college. (

WR Isaac Bruce won't be active for the game on Sunday. I suppose he's done then, huh? More room for Jason Hill, I guess. (

CB Dre Bly will be starting in place of Tarell Brown, who hasn't been playing up to par. Am I the only one who strongly dislikes Bly? Oh well, I guess. (

The move was made because, obviously, the 49ers passing defense hasn't played very well. (

Here's a 49ers team report, a bit of an update on where the team stands at this point in the season. (