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Golden Nuggets: It's game day!

Ninjames is out of commission for the Nuggets today, so I'm handling the duties.  I mixed in a few different links from normal, so let me know if they work for you.  I've included some stuff from the Jaguars SB Nation log, as well as some local Jacksonville items.  I figure it's a good way to figure out what's going on with the opposition.

I'll be traveling most of the day today but I've scheduled several game threads.  The specific times will be in the first 49ers-Jaguars thread opening up at noon.  Also, the Steelers are apparently sitting Roethlisberger today, so if you want to change your Ravens-Steelers prediction, head over here to do it.  Please make sure and reply directly to your previous predictions so we can keep things close together.

On Sunday, there will be live blogging from 49ers vs. Jacksonville (SJ Mercury News)

Jaguars back Jones-Drew a challenge for 49ers (SJ Mercury News)

49ers icons Jerry Rice, Roger Craig among HOF semifinalists (SJ Mercury News)

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Morgan Spends Time with Contest Winner (

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As vets show youthful exuberance, division tilts take center stage (

49ers notes: Singletary says QB Smith humble, not meek (Barrows)

49ers' Smith improving, but numbers not great (

Question Lady wonders what 49ers fans want to know (Maiocco)

Time running out on 49ers' playoff hopes (Maiocco)

49ers Game Day (Maiocco)

Week 12 Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Francisco 49ers (Big Cat Country)

Jack Del Rio: Coach of the Year?? (Big Cat Country)

Trying to reclaim glory - 49ers at a crossroads (

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Surprising Jags surge into San Francisco (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

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