Official NN Alex Smith (over) reaction thread: Jaguars edition

I'm sitting in Sea-Tac International Airport waiting for my flight and enjoying a little free wifi. I listened to the first half of the game on my cell phone (god bless you Sprint) and the 49ers are off to a solid enough start. Let's hope they don't sit on the ball the entire second half and step on the Jaguars throat.

I'm creating this post because I'd imagine we'll have a lot of Alex Smith discussion, no matter how this game ends. I'd prefer to keep all the Smith conversation in one place and last time howtheyscored put one of these up, it actually worked out really well.

Andrew Davidson will have a recap post up shortly after the game for plenty of discussion, but if you feel like discussing Alex Smith in some fashion tonight or tomorrow, rather than open up a new FanPost at this point, PLEASE use this FanPost. I simply want to keep the discussion focused in one post so discussions aren't stretching all over the site. If you create a new FanPost, more than likely I or another moderator will delete the FanPost and email you the contents to post it in this thread. Any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at

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