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Mike Singletary Approval Rating, Week 8

We've reached a rather bizarre path in the development of Mike Singletary as head coach. The 49ers currently sit in the midst of a 3-game losing streak, which one would think would lead to less than stellar thoughts about Coach Singletary. And yet there reminds a positive vibe within the 49ers and folks are not jumping on Singletary's back to get things figured out.

Last week Singletary's approval rating here was at 89%. Over at it dropped down to 85%. ESPN has their current Singletary ratings going and he's back up to 91%. It's amazing what a close loss to one of the best team's in the NFL can do for a guy. One interesting note: The other 3 NFC coaches have received a combined 11,000 plus votes. Coach Singletary has received close to 15,000 by himself. I find it rather amazing the kind of passion that shows. Are 49ers fans just that intense about Singletary, or does he inspire more voting from all NFL fans scouring the approval ratings?

Tim Kawakami had one of the more interesting links this morning discussing Coach Singletary's continued evolution. As Kawakami put it, Singletary can inspire, but can he coach now that things are struggling:

Now that Sunday's 18-14 loss in Indianapolis has pushed the 49ers into a three-game losing streak, let's see if he can coach.

Let's see if Singletary is fluid enough and canny enough to negotiate his team through this lull. Let's see if pure adrenaline and passionate belief blends into good, consistent coaching.

So I guess the question now is what the next step will be in the evolution of Mike Singletary? This offseason we heard a lot of talk about no moral victories, and the idea that action needed to take the place of talk. Well, right now there is certainly some action, but there also seems to be a good deal of talk. Will the team get this talk turned into action anytime soon?

So what do folks think of the Mike Singletary at this point in the season. At this point do you approve of the job Coach Singletary is doing as head coach of the 49ers?