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Michael Crabtree: Getting some of that college swagger?

I listened to yesterday's game on the radio through my cell phone so I wasn't able to see the action.  It was kind of fun listening to the game, but football is definitely easier to follow on tv.  When I got home last night I re-watched the game (I had DVR'd it) and one thing jumped out at me.  Michael Crabtree seems to be showing quite a bit more swagger lately.  In past games after he made a big play, I don't recall Crabtree jumping up and preening for the crowd.  This is the first game I really remember seeing it at this level.

Now, I'm not saying this to be negative.  Actually, I like the swagger.  As long as Crabtree's early success doesn't go to his head, I like having that kind of confidence on the field.  We've already had it with Vernon Davis (whether we wanted it or not), but now we've got a pair of players on the offensive side of the ball who are great, know they're great, and want to make sure you know it as well.

It's interesting from Crabtree's end for a couple of reasons.  First, during his initial games he did not seem to have that verbose, visual swagger after making solid plays.  He's still only a rookie, but it's certainly a plus that he at least started to prove something before unleashing the swagger.  Second, he's done a solid job in press conferences of offering bland quotations and not talking himself up.  From what I'm reading he's looking for more information and ways to improve himself.  My favorite quotation from him yesterday was about how he was talking to Isaac Bruce on the sideline during the game:

Isaac is like my big brother on the field so I'm always going to talk to him about anything, every play, and every release that I did. I'm always going to be talking to Bruce.

Have other folks noticed the swagger developing?  While the team still has a ways to go, a little swagger can definitely be a good thing for the team.