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Golden Nuggets: How 'bout that..

Gooood morning folks. How 'bout them Niners? For the second time in a row I was told on this site that if I made sure I had troubles talking due to excessive cheering and yelling at the game that the 49ers would win, and it happened. My voice is torn to shreds at the moment and the 49ers walked out of Candlestick with a win yesterday. Man did that feel good. The 49ers played some pretty good football. I'm running real late on your links so I'll just get to posting them so I can get them up at the usual time.

What?! The 49ers didn't allow a sack all game? I'm pretty certain I saw one.. guess that was just one of those things where you see it so much it appears to happen. (

Alex Smith's passes actually looked.. good, and crisp? Twilight zone. (

The win was a result of Jimmy Raye opening up the 49ers offense. Huh. (

Here's a review, and also some notes from the game. (

Another recap along with stats is to be found at the NFL Game Center. (

So is Singletary stubborn or not? I'm not really sure. (

Do the 49ers have a new formula for success? I guess so. (

Boy the second half sure was great defensively.. the 49ers amassed a good number of sacks. Love it. (

This certainly bothered me.. Vernon Davis seemed to drop a few catchable passes yesterday. Lets hope that it doesn't become a (re)recurring theme. (

Coach Singletary was very impressed with the leadership on offense. (

I've really got to be going now folks, I had a rough night and I apologize in advance because I know there are links I couldn't get to. I hope Fooch will either edit this and add some more or he'll post them in the comments, and of course you always can, too. It came down to posting these Nuggets with the bread-and-butter of the links for the day, or not doing them at all so I did my best. Cheers!