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Golden Nuggets: Back again

Hey there everyone, back from my.. well, absence from the Nuggets. Had, once again, some things to do that were rather.. complicated. Still, I'm back, again. Hopefully this time for good. A lot of things going on for the 49ers of late--the most notable of which are the injuries (bad) and the releasing of WR Micheal Spurlock (very good, maybe?) considering he was doing literally nothing for this team. I feel bad too, because at the beginning of the season I thought he was going to be a solid edition to the team. Oh well, live and learn, right? Still, his replacement doesn't look to factor in much but still. I'll just get to the links.

The 49ers did indeed release Spurlock, and signed a CB to make up for Nate Clements and his injury. (

The defense seemed to be a hit last Sunday. (

Some moves were already made due to injuries such as the CB signing, but others may be forthcoming. I'm personally excited for Ricky Jean-Francois, that is, if the 49ers aren't still upset with him. (

Here's the Wrap Up for the Colts game. (

Coach Singletary can lead, that's for sure. But can he coach? (

Because it now seems like he has to change. (

Maiocco has his every player review from Sunday's game and also takes a look at the offensive line in particular and how it played. (

Here's the most recent edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Here's a look ahead at the Titans game. (