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Golden Nuggets: Oh no, not Sims!

Morning everyone. So I've finally got my new laptop, the one I really wanted and man, I've been eager to do the Nuggets like all day. I just like using this thing, seriously. To continue to stray for a moment, if any of you have Vista and you are disappointed, I implore you, upgrade to Windows 7 and you will NOT be disappointed. But back to football, there's not much going on in 49erland today. As far as I can tell there's no personnel changes, no new injury updates--mostly just previews and looks ahead at the game against Tennessee. I experienced my first in-person loss when the 49ers played the Falcons and I can say it felt about a million times worse than it did when I watched a loss on TV. So if we lose to the Titans you're going to see a very angry Nuggets writer come Monday morning. On to the links!

This is the most interesting matchup to me in Sunday's game: the 49ers second ranked rushing defense versus the Titans second ranked rushing offense. I feel like the 49ers can contain Chris Johnson, but I'm sure I'll flip-flop on that prediction a few times. (

So is QB Alex Smith gearing up for a huge fantasy performance? I'm not going to be picking him up, but some of you with a less than stellar quarterbacks may want to consider him. (

Run for the hills Niner fans, Barry Sims looks to be in the starting lineup for some time. (

NT Aubrayo Franklin is getting some recognition--and it's well deserved. At the beginning of this season I mentioned Franklin as a player the 49ers sorely needed to replace. I believe I said "just good enough to keep around." Now I'm hoping he stays for a long time. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The 49ers offense is looking to get on track. Not back on track, just on track. (

A summary of yesterday's goings on. Most notably (to me) is Ricky Jean-Francois replacing Demetric Evans in the lineup. I've been very much opposed to Evans being on the team, he brings absolutely nothing to this team. Maybe the fact that he's a veteran makes him more important than RJF but I feel the experience and maturity of playing games will help the young guy more than Evans will help the team right now. (

CB Tarell Brown is looking to do some hitting of Vince Young--something he never got to do for three years in college as they were on the same team. (

Here's another summary of things from yesterday, this one from Maiocco. (

The 49ers signed a tackle to their practice squad, once again filling it up. (

Here's a preview of the game on Sunday. (

Be sure to check out the game center for a preview and stats. (

Alex Smith isn't the only quarterback looking to redeem himself on Sunday--another early pick in Vince Young has come back from the bench recently. (

Titans coach Jeff Fisher says the 49ers formula is working and they shouldn't change it. (

The team can sell the naming rights to Candlestick Park yet again. Thrilling. (

Ratto has some thoughts on Singletary's first year as a head coach. (

As it stands (is likely to stand) the game on Sunday will be decided on the ground. (

Why not head over the our resident Titans blog and answer any 49ers related questions they may have here or visit their thread here for any Titans questions you may have. (MusicCityMiracles/