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Golden Nuggets: Testing the run defense

Good (insert time of day here) everyone. Got a couple links for you today, though not as many as yesterday. In fact, I'm going to start leaving links out! From what I can tell, when I have more links in the Nuggets I actually get very little comments on the links. Of course, I'm like a little preteen girl checking her MySpace Photo Album when it comes to comments, I love 'em. ESPECIALLY if they're singing my praise, really brings me up. (Been having a really rough couple of days, hint hint.) So instead I'm only going to give you a couple! In actuality though, I just simply don't have a whole lot because well... nothing happened yesterday and it doesn't look like anything is happening today. Still, should be able to come up with a couple previews and what not for you. Enjoy.

Coach Mike Singletary has reached a critical point in his first season as the 49ers head coach. (

The team is in no hurry to change its offensive philosophy. (

Jimmy Raye specifically, says the team will stick to its blueprint as far as offense goes. Call me unconvinced, and if they do--well, I think we'll be screwed. (

Ricky Jean-Francois is looking to get his first regular season action on Sunday and Kentwan Balmer is looking to have an increased role. This is all of course because of the injury to Demetric Evans, a player I've been (rather vocally) against. (

The Titans will come in hoping to test the 49ers run defense. (

The 49ers need to go to the spread... but sloooooowly. (


Jimmy Raye has some thoughts on the spread and the running game. (

Here you can listen to the audio of a couple of the conference calls from the Titans. (

Frank Gore is having a weird year as far as rushing is concerned. I'm not sure exactly how to look at it, good or bad. (

Didn't get a chance to read this article but it has to do with the 49ers and their third down woes. (

Alex Smith and Vince Young are returning from some pretty rough roads as far as quarterbacks go. (

The team seems confident in Barry Sims. Oh God. I'm not. Not in the very least. (