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49ers-Titans: 5 Questions with Music City Miracles

As always, there is plenty of value to be had in hearing about the 49ers upcoming opponent straight from the horses mouth.  Jimmy over at Music City Miracles, was kind enough to take a few minutes to answer some questions I had of him.  I also answered five questions for him and if you feel like offering your own take on his questions, head on over.

Fooch: Can you nail down what caused the Titans early season losing streak, or was it a combination of factors?

MCM: It  has been a combination of a lot of things.  It starts on the defensive side of the ball.  New defensive Chuck Cecil seemed to be having trouble making the in game adjustments that needed to be made early on.  The secondary wasn't playing well and then they got banged up.

On offense Kerry Collins seemed to regress from last season.  The receivers couldn't catch when he was actually on the mark, and the offensive line wasn't playing as well as they did last season.

On special teams the Titans didn't have anyone that could catch a punt or return a kickoff.  So you can see that it was a combination of a lot of things working against them.

We continue with a few more questions after the jump...

Fooch: I didn't see the game live, but it seems like Vince Young didn't look to bad last week against Jacksonville.  Will we see an expanded role for Young or will this team be riding Chris Johnson all the way on Sunday?

MCM: The only way Vince's role gets expanded is if the run game isn't working.  They may come out and throw it around a little early because the 49ers will probably be stacking the box, but anytime a Jeff Fisher football team takes the field the plan is to ride the run game.

Fooch: is Jeff Fisher on the hot seat, or is he so entrenched that it would be pretty stunning to see a change any time soon?

MCM: His seat is definitely warm.  It came out after the embarrassment in New England that Titans owner Bud Adams had called Fisher to Houston for a meeting the Monday before that game.  I think Fisher needs 4 more wins to save his job.  That is by no means a sure thing with the way this team has played this season.

Fooch: It seems like losing Albert Haynesworth has been a big problem for the defense.  Would you agree?  Either way, how is the team compensating, or hoping to compensate for the loss?

MCM: It has been a big problem, but it hasn't been the biggest problem.   The place they miss Albert the most is on 3rd down.  He had the ability to collapse the pocket from the middle so quarterbacks couldn't step up and throw.

This season the front four has been pretty good against the rush, but they haven't been nearly as good rushing the passer.  They have had to compensate for this by bringing more blitzes than they did in the pas

Fooch: The Jaguars don't exactly provide the greatest litmus test, so where do you think the Titans are right now?  A team looking at maybe 4 or 5 wins, or a team that can actually turn this thing around?

MCM: I think they are a team looking at 4 or 5 wins.  The biggest thing the Jacksonville game proved was that this team hasn't quit, and that was something everyone was questioning after the New England game.  There is still a good amount of talent on this team, so anything is possible, but I still believe that 5-5 after the 0-6 start is about best case scenario.