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49ers-Titans Final Injury Report

Nothing surprising to close out the week.  The 49ers would appear to be getting Reggie Smith back for Sunday's game, which is a nice little shot in the arm for a secondary that has had injury issues much of the season.  If Smith is active and playing I'm really curious to see how the team utilizes him, given Nate Clements injury.  Mark Roman moved his way up to primary safety backup, so if Roman remains in that role, Smith could be moved around in a variety of other formations.

One thing I wanted to bring up unrelated to injuries: The Sports Guy rolled out his picks for the week today and had these comments about the 49ers-Titans game:

NINERS (-4) over Titans
The strangest line of the year. I don't get it. Vince Young on the road against a good defense getting just four? Really? We're afraid of Chris Johnson that much?

The folks at MCM would have us believe Chris Johnson is a bad, bad man.  He's definitely a quality running back, but the 49ers rush defense is quite solid.  Vince Young will indeed have to make plays if the Titans are going to win this game.

CB Nate Clements (shoulder)
DE Demetric Evans (shoulder)
OT Joe Staley (knee)

LB Takeo Spikes (shoulder)
SS Reggie Smith (groin)

RB Javon Ringer (back)

DE Jevon Kearse (knee)
OT Mike Otto (knee)
S Vincent Fuller (groin)
CB Nicholas Harper (forearm)
OT David Stewart (hamstring)
LB David Thornton (hip)