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Golden Nuggets: Gannon? Meh.

Hey there everyone. Today I don't have very many links for you. Well, that's wholly dependent on what you'd call very many but still, I may not even be using the jump today. There's no news, or rather, I think there isn't any. You've got your obvious injury reports and all that, the only other articles are previews for the Titans game and a bunch of Alex Smith/Vince Young articles. I'm really sick now of hearing about how they both were drafted as starters, benched and are now making their way back--we get it. Or at least, I hope you all get it, I don't want to start doubting the intelligence of my readers, now! I wont be thinking about football for the rest of today as I'm going into hype mode for Strikeforce tonight. Onto the links, my friends.

You know there's not a ton of links when I start out with Singletary's Notebook. (

Rich Gannon supports Jimmy Raye. I suppose one person had to. (

He also says it's underestimated what Alex Smith went through his first few seasons in the NFL. (

Comeback QBs.. Alex Smith...Vince Young... etc. (

Teams Talk, in this one S Curtis Taylor talks about the Titans.. (

Pro Bowl voting is going on presently, make sure to send some of your favorite 49ers to the game. (

The Titans will be testing the 49ers run defense. (

I'm not interested either in being the Titans' latest headline. (