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Sunday NFL Early Games Open Thread

Thanks to the home game, the 49ers will not be on until 1:15pm pacific time.  In the meantime, we've got a host of intriguing match-ups for you to enjoy.  If you don't have the NFL Red Zone channel to enjoy the games, feel free to check out the discussion in here.  Here are a few of the better match-ups of the day.

The biggest for 49ers fans is the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals traveling to Soldier Field to take on the wildly inconsistent Chicago Bears.  Both teams are 4-3, but Chicago gets the home field edge.  The Bears have struggled on the road, but are fairly solid at home, which could lead to a tough game for the Cardinals.  Of course, nobody really knows what Cardinals team will show up given their inconsistencies.

This game has huge AFC North implications.  A Bengals win would secure a season sweep of the Ravens and put the Bengals further in the driver's seat for a playoff spot.  A Ravens win leaves the AFC North further muddled.

The Texans are flying high on a 3-game winning streak, while the Colts are coming off a tough win over our 49ers.  The Texans have been looking to turn the corner from a .500 team and a win at Indianapolis would give them a whole lot of credibility.

We'll be opening up our 49ers-Titans thread at 12:30, but feel free to enjoy the morning games in the meantime.