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Golden Nuggets: Should be a good one..

Morning everyone. Well, it's gameday. Today the Titans come to San Francisco to lose... I mean play the 49eers in what should be a slaughter... I mean good game. Still, I'm excited, though kind of in a hurry considering I have to rise very early so I can make the two and a half hour drive to SF and get there early enough to pull out the BBQ, table, ice chest and of course the laptop for parking-lot tracking of the other games. So I'll make my introduction rather sort. Oddly enough, right this very second is the first I've thought about the game in the past 24 hours, I've been too excited for Strikeforce. Well my two guys won, though I'm not nearly as passionate for MMA as I am my 49ers--I sincerely hope the streak continues for my favorites with a Niners victory today. Without further ado (again, I will somehow ban anybody who tells me it is adieu instead of ado) here's your links. Oh, and GO NINERS!!!

Titans RB Chris Johnson is the biggest threat to the 49ers today--he should be a challenge, he's not exactly the same type of back as the team has faced this season. Still, I figure we got him. (

The 49ers offensive line continues to shuffle. I'm seriously so surprised how this season went as far as the o-line goes. The second Marvel Smith retired I just got this gut feeling that the line would not be a good one this season. I was right. (

Alex Smith is returning to the Candlestick spotlight--and I'll be there to cheer him on. Yes, I've been heavily opposed to Alex Smith for a couple years but if he's the starting QB then he's my favorite QB on the roster. I'm not a fan of "root for the backup." (

This game isn't a must-win, but it's real close. (

A good preview article from the Chronicle with many notes, odds and opinions. (

TE Delanie Walker is ready to bust out. I've always liked Walker... as a side note, does anybody else absolutely hate the new look of Maiocco's blog? He's probably my favorite beat writer but Christ almighty I can't stand his new layout. (

The team remains upbeat regardless of three straight losses. This is key, I fully would expect this team to rollover today if we still had Nolan as our coach--but under Singletary I find myself optimistic as well. (

Be sure to check out the NFL Game Center for tracking the game today as well as a preview before it and a wrap-up afterwards. (

Be sure to watch Gameday Morning to see a video of Vernon Davis' workout routine. This is obviously for the ladies.  (

As stated before, ex NFL QB Rich Gannon thinks the 49ers are on the right track. (

Why not check out the blog for the opposition and read their preview of today's game. (

And here's one last preview to round out the links. (