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Mike Singletary Monday lunchtime press conference

Coach Singletary will be addressing the media today at 11:45am.  Things got a little bit feisty during the post-game press conference, so we'll see how that carries over to today.  What do I want to hear out of this press conference?  Well, I'd certainly like to get some clarification on the future role of Jason Hill.  Isaac Bruce was benched midway through yesterday's game and Hill was quite productive in his place.  Hill seemed to be in the doghouse much of the season, but might finally have re-emerged.  I'm also curious to hear about the injury situation.  The 49ers had a rather lengthy injury report after the game, so it will be interesting to see how the team will be addressing the depth issue.

One thing I don't want to hear is a bold proclamation about making the playoffs.  I have no problem inferring it's still an option, but to make some bold playoff prediction at this point would be more or less useless.

Head on over to's video section to view the press conference, and feel free to discuss it here.