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Golden Nuggets: Good coaching

Hey there folks, we're two days off a victory and I am pumped. We've got the Seahawks coming up this week but before I move on to that I just want to savor this win a bit more. That Jaguars team isn't exactly an amazing squad, but they don't have a team devoid of talent, it was a good win. The thing of note today is the first link, that Singletary let the players have input on where to go with the offense. I think that is admirable and he needs to continue to listen going forward. As for number of links, I have around ten or so for you, not a lot but more than a couple. Sorry for the lack of them yesterday, I was late, today I'm starting past Midnight but well before 2 so it's all good, I'll look extra hard. Enjoy them, folks, we've got what could end up being a tough game on Sunday coming up. Should be a good one, hopefully. Here's some links.

As stated, the players had a say in which direction the offense would be going, which is great. (

The suggestion box is always open, apparently! (

What do you think about the opening up of the offense? Is Singletary so stubborn? (

Here's another edition of Monday's Locker Room Talk. (

I'm pretty happy the 49ers decided to air it out, I just hope this line learns to run block and Gore isn't forgotten. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Singletary hits rewind on the win over the Jags. (

He thinks this team has a lot to accomplish, playoffs aside, in the next five weeks. (

I don't have time to read this, but it's a bit about Alex Smith. (

I guess Singletary can indeed compromise. Crazy, right? (