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Golden Nuggets: Ready to lose my voice

Morning, everyone. I'm back, for the second day in a row which means I'm obviously on a roll. No but seriously, I shouldn't be missing any more of these. As for what I've been gone for, make sure you're on here today at 7 AM PT for my post. That being said, I'm not sure what I've got for you today in the way of links. I imagine there aren't too many but hopefully some previews will be rolling in. As always I'll be at the game Monday Night, and I'm really hoping the 49ers pull a win out for me because it's absolutely the worst two hour drive back, with likely an hour added onto that considering it's Monday Night Football and therefore traffic will be killer. I'd like it if someone told me once again that if I lose my voice the 49ers will win because they're 2-0 when people tell me that and I'd like to take a chance and risk that record again. Still, we've still got a couple days of links until then so why don't I just get to what I've got for you on the day, mmkay?

LT Joe Staley returned to practice yesterday and hopes to play on Monday. (

The 49ers have been in this position before... on the outside looking in to the playoff picture. (

The Cardinals believe the 49ers will go back to featuring Frank Gore in their offense on Monday. (

Two 49ers players are listed on this list of top ten comeback players in the NFL. (

Arizona says they're ready for Frank Gore and more. (

Sando takes another look at the 49ers' offensive philosophy. (

Samuel Lam had an interview with Jerry Rice, pretty cool stuff. (

Joe Staley wants his job back sooner rather than later. (

Coach Singletary is sticking by Jimmy Raye as offensive coordinator. (

The guys over at our resident Cardinals blog are studying up on our Niners... you doing the same for them? (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

A look at the players who commit the most penalties in the NFC West. (

QB Alex Smith is improving, but is still flawed. I'm finding it very hard to get behind Smith as the 49ers QB for 2010, but I'm supporting him more and more each day. (