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Golden Nuggets: Loves him some... 49ers?

Good morning folks, welcome to the Golden Nuggets. In this edition I tell you how SB Nation is evil and doesn't want you to have your links. That's right, they want you linkless. Ok, not really but I put together a pretty comprehensive edition of the Nuggets yesterday and scheduled it to post at its usual time of 3:00 AM but... to no avail. For some reason it didn't post and you guys were without me for one day.. now I know, it must have been pretty hard for you, but I'm here now, no worries. Seriously though, should have a good day of football today, I'll be watching the Minny/Cincy game hoping... Ok, nevermind. I'm really not even going to tell you guys what I was going to reference in my joke there because it's so nerdy and embarrassing. Moving on to the Niners I should have enough links for you seeing as how the Nuggets didn't go up yesterday. Can't wait to get up early and end up at the 'Stick about six hours before kickoff on Monday--should be awesome. Without further ado, however, here is your links.

Terrell Owens says he wouldn't be opposed to finishing his career with... the San Francisco 49ers. Wow, I have no idea what to think of that. Clearly Battle, Jones and Bruce aren't going to factor much into things next season.. I mean, Jones could but Bruce is out for sure and Battle is useless so...? (

Patrick Willis has been quoted as saying something the whole world already knows: "The Cardinals will NOT run the ball on us." (

QB Alex Smith is doing a pretty good job of playing through the drops. Vernon Davis needs to not revert back to well... the bust Vernon Davis. (

WR Michael Crabtree isn't sure what drops any of us are talking about... huh. I will admit that the majority of his drops are on some pretty high passes. (

LT Joe Staley may still be out.. which sucks.. yeah, not much to say there. (

A look at some of the changes between the first matchup with the Cards and the upcoming. (

Teams Talk: McKillop on the Cardinals. (

They've got their five keys to success for winning the game against our 49ers.. what are ours for them? (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Something about the developing stadium situation that I really don't like to read about. (

Here's a 49ers Team Report, a look at the state of things right now. (

The 49ers are looking to improve on 3rd down. I mean, I'd like to think they're looking to improve everywhere, but I'll keep quiet. (

Vernon Davis now holds a 49ers franchise record, and it's not in drops! Aww yeeeah! (

No no no no no no no no no. No. No. That is all. ( ((Pretty cool way to get you to click a link, huh?))

A look at some of the 49ers first round draft picks...  Those two in this next draft are looking pretty good. (

So what are we supposed to honestly think about our trio of pass rushing OLBs... I'm not impressed. (