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Our leader has fallen!

Evening, folks. Just putting up a general article for you all because I'm awesome. In reality though, Fooch asked me to let you all know he won't be around posting anything tonight. His computer is fried and he likely won't have it for a few days. No worries, he always has a plan to get his usual stuff up, a couple dependable people (coughmecough) and all that.

To ramble, today was a pretty good day for football. We've currently got the Sunday night game on in which the Eagles are completely dominating the Giants which for reasons I can't explain makes me happy. It's good to see the Seahawks get the dividends of a constant beatdown today as well from the Texans. Man, that game was ugly. But it was beautiful for us. Sound familiar? Anyway, the Rams lost which was good and the Panthers fell to the Patriots, making that draft choice all the better. I'm really excited by what this team can get with these two picks in this draft.

The Cardinals come to Candlestick tomorrow and I will be at the game. Lets hope to finish this season strong and begin it with a huge win on Monday Night Football so everyone knows the 49ers are for real. Anyway, that's about all folks, look for me to post up an injury report for you tomorrow. Go Niners!