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49ers-Cardinals: Final Injury Report

Hey everyone, Fooch James here. We've got the final injury report before the game today and I figured I wasn't TOO busy and I could put this up in Fooch's absence. Right about the time you read this I should be in San Francisco setting up a grill so I won't be making the game threads with you today but don't miss me too much.

New to the injury report (I think) is CB Marcus Hudson, who is questionable along with LT Joe Staley. Staley has said since his injury that he was hoping to return by tonight's game but it's looking more and more doubtful that he'll be able to make it tonight. The Cardinals, however are a rather healthy team this season, which isn't good news but we'll have to deal.

After the jump I've got the transcript of Mike Singletary's post-practice press conference.

CB Nate Clements (shoulder)

WR Isaac Bruce (ankle)

CB Marcus Hudson (back)
LB Takeo Spikes (hamstring)
T Joe Staley (knee)

WR Brandon Jones (thumb)
S Michael Lewis (quadriceps)

LB Will Davis (knee)

LB Bert Berry (illness)
DE Kenny Iwebema (thumb)
TE Stephen Spach (knee)

DT Alan Branch (ankle)
T Mike Gandy (pelvis)
P Ben Graham (left groin)
RB Tim Hightower (thumb)
RB Dan Kreider (thigh)
K Neil Rackers (right groin)
DT Bryan Robinson (illness)
RB Jason Wright (illness)

Head Coach Mike Singletary
Post – Practice – December 12, 2009
San Francisco 49ers

 Opening statement:

"Just a bit of information on the injuries: [CB] [Marcus] Hudson – questionable, [LB] Takeo Spikes – questionable, [LT] [Joe] Staley – questionable, [WR] Isaac [Bruce] is out, and [CB] [Nate] Clements is out."


On the possibility that LT Joe Staley will be worked in slowly during the game:

"You just never know with the progress he can show from one day to the next and he’s done a great job this week, but we’re just going to play it and see how it goes."


On whether Staley could be activated as a back-up for Monday night’s game:



On his impression of Staley’s work out today during team drills:

"I’ll just say that all week he’s done a good job. He’s been pretty sore the next day, but has responded very well. Hopefully later in the week, as of today or tomorrow, we’ll just have to see how he feels, but he’s coming along pretty well."


On agreeing with offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye’s opinion that Staley would disrupt the offensive line’s continuity:

"The continuity has been going very well. I think the flow has been going very well. I think Jimmy is certainly on to something. The bottom line is that when he is totally healthy he will be our left tackle."


On whether or not he is disappointed in the performance of the defense this year:

"When you look at our defense, I can’t say that I’m disappointed with our defense. I think that there are certain times in a game where you’ve had some break downs here and there. I think the back end of our defense, [CB] Shawntae [Spencer], has really responded well. I think that [S] Dashon [Goldson] has continued to mature. We’ve had to switch guys in and out, whether it’s Nate, whether it’s [CB Terrell] Brown, it’s been a little tough at times on the back end, but we’ve tried to work our way through it. But I can’t say that I’m disappointed in our defense because I think our defense at times played well. I think inconsistency would be the word to use."


On whether the defense has been on the field more than he’d like them to be:

"I think early on that was the case in particular. Not getting third downs, not being able to move the chains or not converting third downs I would say. Defensively, I would say that one of the inconsistencies has been the ability to get off of the field on third down. First and second down have been great, third down, particularly on third down and longer, have been  a little tougher. But I think that whenever you look at the stats for our defense and where we’re ranked, it’s not one of those things where it’s lights out where you’ve played well consistently. I just think our front seven has played as well as anybody in the league. I think you have to break it down – the run part of our defense has really done a great job, as good as any I think.  Certainly they’ve had something to do with that on the back end. I just think overall it’s not all just the back end, it’s linebackers making sure that they’re getting their drops deeper to help the guys out. Everything effects the passing game and I just think it’s one of those things that we just haven’t been consistent in."


On having an extra day to rest T Joe Staley:

"I think that it’s always nice to have an extra day, but in terms of Joe Staley, it’s the same thing there. Any of our guys that are banged up and you have that extra day, particularly early in the week to rest a little bit more, that’s very helpful. I think for him that just buys him more time."


On whether waiting to play a Monday night game is a disruption or advantage to the teams’ chemistry:

"That’s always a good question to ask after the game. For me, it doesn’t really change. You get up on Sunday morning, you go through that week and you’re not playing that day. Of course you look at other games. Some guys get restless, everybody responds differently, but I think for us it will be a good thing having that little extra time. I really think it will be a good thing for us."


On whether he wants the team to play this game with a sense of desperation on their minds:

"No. I want them to go out and understand that it’s all about winning the game, it’s all about executing. I think that when you’re prepared, you don’t have to sit back and be in desperation mode. I think that when you’re prepared, you don’t have to sit back and be nervous, just go out and do your job. The most important thing for us to do right now and the thing we tried to do last week and every other week, which is to just execute, play flawless football, and don’t shoot ourselves in the foot. That all comes down to just doing your job and it’s as simple as that – go out and do your job. If we do that, then we’ll be fine."


On whether WR Brandon Jones will see more time in the receiver rotation:

"Yes. Brandon Jones and I talked earlier on this week and I talk to the coaching staff about different players and Brandon is one of those players that they’re just trying to see more of him and get a better opportunity to find out exactly what he can and cannot do. He’s had a couple of opportunities and he’s taken advantage of them so far."


On how much feedback he gets from WR coach Jerry Sullivan have:

"I get constant feedback from Jerry, but really it comes down to Jimmy Raye and looking at the overall game plan, the scheme, the match ups and what he feels gives us the best opportunity to win."


On being confident in the team on playing on Monday night:

"I don’t really think it’s so much Monday night. I think it’s just a matter of where we are. I just want our guys to understand that at this time of year, and really any time for us, it’s really important to play mistake free football. As long as we do that, we’re going to be where we need to be. But when we don’t and when we’re not executing the way we know we can and we miss opportunities, we can’t do that. Our margin for error is very narrow. It’s very small. Everything we do, we have to be on. That’s what I really want our guys to understand. So last week, or if you’d ask me a week before then, whenever it is, it’s just a matter of knowing that, ‘Guys, let’s put a clean game together and play together and we’ll be fine.’ I’m just excited about the opportunity, that’s all."


On his conversation with Brandon Jones:

"Every receiver that we have, at some point in time I’ve talked to about playing time and the frustration of wanting it more. So, Brandon is no exception. I think it is just one of those things where, ‘Coach, I can do it if I get the opportunity.’ But, it has to come and he has to earn that. These other receivers have been working their tails off as well, so it’s just a matter of getting in the right package and getting the right opportunity."


On whether it’s fair to believe Frank Gore will get more than nine carries this game:

"I would think so. I would think that would be a fair statement. I think the thing our offense is striving to do is get that balance and find that balance. Frank knows that. There are other ways that we’re using Frank as well. If you just say he’s going to get a chance to touch the ball nine times, we’re going to throw to him as well. There are other ways to get him into the game. But yes, to run the football, that is something we have to strive to find that balance. That’s a fair assumption."


On whether Arizona is a benchmark for the 49ers right now: