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Golden Nuggets: Lets do this...

Morning, morning. Well... it's game day. I mean, I'm sure you all know that but man do I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach. The 49ers really need to pull out a win here so everyone else knows they're better than they've played. Then again we could shoot for another high draft pick... I mean, it'd be worth consi--no. No it would not, it's NEVER good to lose, ever. Especially when I'm in the stadium. If I catch any of you saying that it'd be better to shoot for a high draft pick I'll have to regulate. That's all. Another "then again" is the fact that the 49ers aren't technically eliminated from the playoff race, which is kind of mind-blowing at this point, but it would certainly take a whole lot for them to get in at this point. Would be nice though, I wasn't aware that LB Takeo Spikes hasn't been in the post-season once in his career... sure would be nice to get him in, since I'm of the opinion that he's the best TED linebacker in the NFL save for maybe Lawrence Timmons. Either way, the 49ers need to win this game for many reasons. Oh, and if you guys get a chance, I've got a cause I'm really trying to support right now, I'll post the link at the end of the nuggets, at least look if you get a chance. Thanks. Lets do this.

It's time for QB Alex Smith to prove himself. I certainly agree, I want to know what we have going into next season. (

So how important is this game? Take a look at the big picture. (

Here's some notes and a preview for the game tonight from Maiocco, always good. (

You ready for some Monday Night Football?! Here's some questions that will be answered tonight. (

Questioning the future of the 49ers; Maiocco answers some questions from his readers. God I hate the layout of his blog these days, seriously. (

CB Shawntae Spencer will have the task of covering Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald... I'm holding my breath. (

A look back at the best moments of 49ers on Monday Night Football. (

WR Michael Crabtree is actually putting up decent numbers despite the fact he came in so late. (

Oh hey am I agreeing with this guy for once? Not sure, I didn't read his article and probably never will again, but the title claims that the Raiders and 49ers will never share a stadium. (

Here's the full transcript of what Terrell Owens said about returning to the 49ers. (

LB Patrick Willis has a message to the Cardinals "Forget about running." (

Joe Staley could be a backup at LT if he's able to play, so as not to disrupt the continuity on the line. (

Alright, that's it for 49ers links, now to my favor. Between now and when this happens I'll post this occasionally and hope I can get some of you to at least look at it--a good friend of mine is running the Boston Marathon in support of cancer research and I believe all of donations go straight to said research. So I'm posting this link just to get it read by more people and any donations you can make will help immensely. Thanks much, the link is right here.