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Golden Nuggets: Stay classy

Good morning, everyone. How 'bout them Niners, am I right? Ok, to the poster who's told me three times now that if I lose my voice cheering for the 49ers they'd win, this marks the third time it has worked. I'm going to ask you NOT to tell me to do that for the Lions game, I almost feel like this thing is special and we should save it for when we need it, the 49ers don't need that luck for that game. Moving on, I would really like to talk about the game but man I'm not sure how long I'm allowed to rant on here. What I will say is... when I pulled up to tailgate there was a van, a huge van full of... Steelers fans? Yeah, I was kind of confused, then I realized why they were there. There was 10-15 of them and they all sat in the seats RIGHT in front of where the Cardinals come out from the locker room... Every time the Cardinals came past they rose up and waved terrible towels in their faces. So hilarious, they got on the video boards and everything. Stay classy, defending super bowl champs, stay classy. Anyway, I've ranted enough, here's your links.

I don't like the use of "sloppy Cards" in this title because I don't want anything taken away from the 49ers, they FORCED fumbles, the Cardinals didn't just drop us balls. (

So yeeeah, the 49ers swept the Cardinals. Awesome. (

Jed York had a lot of good things to say about Singletary and Raye. (

York also said that Singletary and McClougan have job security through 2010, which I guess is good. (

So technically the 49ers aren't eliminated from playoff contention. Keep the faith. (

The game was pretty balanced between run vs pass. (

The offense did seem pretty different this time around. (

Here's a 49ers report card from Maiocco. (

It certainly did seem like the 49ers were taking out their frustrations on the Cards yesterday. Sweet. (

The Cardinals got.... "Singletaried?" (

It feels good to at least hold off the Cardinal playoff celebration. (