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Frank Gore named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

Big time congratulations to 49ers running back Frank Gore, who, according to Matt Maiocco, won his fourth career NFC Offensive Player of the Week award.  Frank the Tank put together a monster effort on Monday in the 49ers demolition of the Cardinals (take that everybody who thinks the 49ers did nothing to win this game).  Gore finished with 167 rushing yards and a touchdown and did everything needed to push this offense forward.

It's rather entertaining how quickly people were throwing out trade ideas for Gore.  He has certainly struggled at times behind this offensive line and dealing with the offensive changes, but I really do think the 49ers can work him into things on a regular basis.  One thing that I was especially pleased with following last night's performance was the fact that the big game moved him to within 165 yards of a fourth straight 1,000 yard rushing season.  Gore was the first 49er with 3 straight, so it's very impressive that he has a chance to extend that even further.  It's no gimme, even with the Lions and Rams remaining on the schedule, but hopefully he can reach the mark.

From a career perspective, Gore currently sits on 5,276 yards, good for fourth all-time among 49ers running backs.  He is currently 259 yards back of Garrison Hearst for fourth all-time.  With three games left, he has a shot at passing Hearst before the season ends.  At this point he sits a little over 3,400 yards behind Joe Perry for first place all-time among 49ers running backs.  At his current rate it would actually take him just over three seasons to reach Perry.  Of course, if the 49ers can really reinforce the offensive line, and settle in on their offensive game plan with some real balance, what's to stop Gore from getting their in less time?