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Mike Singletary Approval Rating, Week 14

Once the season is over, we're going to be providing a bit of minor statistical analysis on the results of these Mike Singletary approval ratings. The results won't be all that surprising I'm thinking. In the meantime, we return for the week 14 rating that once again sees Coach Singletary making a big jump following a big win. Coach Singletary dropped down to 67% approval rating last week (something most executives would be dreaming of). As we continue into this week Coach Singletary has seen his rating increase from 59% to 85%. It's not surprising, but it is still rather amusing seeing it bounce up and down as it has.

Monday's game saw some interesting decisions by Coach Singletary that I found to be excellent choices. I feel like the two challenges in the first quarter were necessary given the type of plays involved. If the 49ers managed one quick look, the Darnell Dockett interception probably seemed to be enough of possession to uphold the play. However, given that the 49ers were into Arizona territory, you might as well use it. As for the second challenge on Dre Bly's fumble recovery, even if it is your last challenge, that play was clearly a fumble no matter how you looked at it. Even with the obvious nature of the play, that was aggressive game management by Singletary, and I was pleased with it.

Now the 49ers head into Philadelphia in a must-win game that will be tough to win. The good news could be that they face a coach in Andy Reid who often has issues with some of the key game management issues. He did well this past Sunday night, but maybe problems will arise. If you're Mike Singletary heading into this game, you've definitely got a tough road to climb. They're taking on a hot Eagles squad, on the road, in the early 10am pacific game that causes west coast teams tremendous fits. Does anybody think this weighs on players' minds, or are they confident enough in their abilities to overcome that. And either way, is this something Mike Singletary would likely need to address in the days leading up to the game?