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Golden Nuggets: Turn him loose!

Morning everyone. How are you feeling right now? Does that win still feel good? Sure does. I think we get one more day to enjoy it before we have to start looking forward. I don't want to be thinking about winning out and everything like that, all I want to concentrate on is what this team has to offer, how they'll perform Sunday against the Eagles, etc. Man, one thing I'm excited for is Ahmad Brooks.. definitely looked good, didn't he? I didn't get a chance to see if he dropped back in coverage once, but then again, he wasn't supposed to. I wonder how good he'd be as an every-down linebacker... He seems to be performing very well in his limited role. I say give him a chance. Course I said that about Briggs too, but I guess there's really not many chances available to him considering the trio is working pretty well at the moment. Credit to the line too, they got pressure on a three man rush several times. I'm not really sure why I'm ranting on about this so instead I'll just get to your links. Enjoy, folks.

Like I said, the 49ers have turned LB Ahmad Brooks loose, and he's been doing a very good job. (

Several 49ers players had career days against Arizona, Maiocco touches up on this in his every player review. (

The 49ers are still alive and breathing in the playoff  hunt... but just barely. (

Still feels good to hold the Cardinals off from clinching, if only for a little while. (

Seems Dashon Goldson is getting some recognition, as he should be. (

Oh wow, so it was because of... Twitter that Crabtree ended his holdout. Wouldn't ya know. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The defense that showed up against the Cardinals was definitely a playoff defense. May just be too little too late, though... (

Some good signs for the 49ers. (

Frank Gore won NFC Offensive Player of the week for his performance against the Cardinals. (

Coach Singletary says Ahmad Brooks is "a rare talent" but not yet a starter. (

The straightest passage to the playoffs is through the division. Which kind of sucks. (

Coach Sing is pleased with the balance on offense from the Cards game. (

Steve Young had some opinions on 49ers QB Alex Smith. (