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Golden Nuggets: Keep 'em guessing

Hey guys, how's it going. James here, all that good stuff. I actually almost forgot to do these tonight "whoops." I also just said "almost forgot" which is a statement I hate so now not only do you have a negligent link writer tonight, you also have an angry one. It's all looking ahead for the rest of the week, no more celebrating the victory over the Cardinals, we have one of our most dangerous opponents this season in the Philadelphia Eagles, the most dangerous of which are DeSean Jackson and of course, Donovan McNabb. I'm not too sure the 49ers have an answer for Jackson, none of our corners are really "speed" guys. I wouldn't expect Shawntae Spencer to do very good against DeSean, even after his pretty good performance against Larry Fitzgerald on Sunday. I just think Jackson will run circles around him and we need to gameplan HUGE for Jackson. If we don't stop him, we don't win, it's pretty simple. Still, I'm feeling... strangely confident. I'm unsure why exactly but I think the 49ers can win this game. Let's hope I'm right. Enjoy, folks.

QB Alex Smith did a pretty good job keeping the Cardinals defense guessing as far as the snap count goes. (

This week is full of games that could have playoff implications. Let's keep some hope for the 49ers. (

Be sure to check out the NFL Game Center for notes, a preview, and of course, play-by-play during the game. (

Like I said, DeSean Jackson is the big play guy the 49ers need to watch out for. (

So what is the next step for QB Alex Smith? He had better keep improving, I'd hate for him to disappoint us... again. (

Apparently Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is a fan of our rookie QB, Nate Davis. (

The focus is now on the Philadelphia Eagles. I think we can win it. (

Our 49ers playoff hopes aren't dead yet.. just on life support. (

The Niners rested their bodies and took some mental reps in preparation for the Eagles. (

On Monday, Dashson Goldson played the safety position how it should be played. I hope to see more great things from him. (

The offense could be tilting back toward the run game. (

The 49ers will have a fan appreciation day on the 27th during the Lions game. Glad I have season tickets, this seems sweet. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (