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Golden Nuggets: So the winning formula is...?

Morning everyone. I'm doing these links early tonight as I have a lot of important things to do tomorrow and I need to make sure I'm up at the appropriate time. I should have enough links for you but if you find any that I miss, make sure you post them up in the comments. Actually, I'm kind of in a hurry too and have a lot to do before bed so I'll quit talking pretty quick here. Looking forward to the Eagles game, etc etc, wondering when Indy will ever lose, flip-flopping on my opinion on how Sunday's game will go and all that good stuff. I'll just jump right into your links. Enjoy.

S Dashon Goldson has been everywhere for the 49ers making plays and being in coverage. (

The 49ers have been looking for a winning formula.. Have they found it? (

After the win on Sunday, the Eagles have definitely taken notice of the 49ers. (

Smith did a good job of getting the Cardinals to jump offsides Sunday... but it'll be a lot more difficult to prefect the hard count on the road. (

Alex Smith has Jimmy Raye's full backing, who says the offense is more geared towards the passing game now. (

So... is Alex Smith the guy? (

I suppose it all depends on the last three games. (