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Who would you take from the Philadelphia Eagles?

I got this idea from Andrew over at Revenge of the Birds. We have plenty of discussion about who we like on the 49ers, and who we fear on the opposing team. However, this post allows us to go off into fantasy-land a bit and decide who we might like from an opposing team. In doing this, you can approach it from a variety of angles. You can take a player just because you like that player, no matter what the 49ers current situation is at that position. You can consider who the 49ers might lose in the offseason or positions they need to improve. If you want to take into account the player's contract and look for "realistic" additions, you're free to do that. You can be as realistic or as fantastical (if that's even a word) as you'd like. For this week, here are some of the guys I'd enjoy having on the 49ers...

DeSean Jackson, WR: I'm guessing this selection won't shock anybody. I won't argue the 49ers should have drafted him because most every team had questions about him, thus his fall in the draft. Hindsight is 20/20 and it's too easy to argue they should have drafted him. However, given his development at the NFL level, he would like mighty fine in a 49ers uniform. The obvious is that he's a home run hitter as a punt returner. While he's not taking every punt to the house, he's put together some impressive numbers this year, leading the league in punt return average. The 49ers punt return game has been abysmal and he would rectify that right away.

Then you throw in his receiving abilities, which I think have improved since entering the NFL. Imagine a young trio of Jackson, Crabtree and Morgan? Add in Vernon Davis and you've got one of the best group of receivers/tight ends in the league, with some of the highest upside as well. Obviously an offensive line has to give Alex Smith time to pass, but this is definitely a nice first step towards a dominant passing game.

After the jump I look at a few more Eagles I'd take, and one that I'd pass on...

Asante Samuel, CB: The 49ers cornerbacks have shown some signs of developing and given their youth (Shawntae Spencer is 27 and Tarell Brown is 24), I'd like to think the best is yet to come. However, Asante Samuel is the type of shutdown corner this team could use. He's got 7 interceptions on the year, and at only 28 years of age, he's one of the money corners in the league. Seeing as Dre Bly is under a 1-year deal and the team has to look long term, Samuel makes sense. He signed a 6-year deal in 2008 and has not sloughed off in spite of the big money. Nate Clements has been solid for the 49ers, especially in the run defense, but Asante Samuel is the long-term shutdown guy the team could use.

Trent Cole, DE: Cole might actually be undersized as a 3-4 defensive end. Is it possible his pass rushing skills could translate over to outside linebacker? At this point the 49ers are actually looking much better in the pass rush from their outside linebackers, so I suppose Cole might not be a necessary addition. Nonetheless he has been fairly consistent as a pass rusher since his second season with sack totals of 8.0, 12.5, 9.0 and 9.5 thus far this season. The 49ers still don't know if they have consistency from anybody in the sack department at this point.

Stacy Andrews, G: The Arizona Cardinals didn't have any offensive linemen worth grabbing, but Philly has some intriguing options. Stacy Andrews can play guard and tackle, but has had some issues this season after coming off ACL surgery. The 49ers will likely send David Baas packing after this season so having Andrews around would certainly be a plus. Of course, McCloughan is a guy who doesn't spend a ton of money on guards, so this particularly guy would actually probably never see the light of day as a 49er.

One guy I didn't include was Donovan McNabb. McNabb has had quite a career in Philly and is having a solid year this season. However, given his age, and the 49ers own offensive line issues I'm not sure how much I'd want him. For a one and done type of deal I can see the value. But if I want to look long term, is he a guy you'd grab?

I also didn't include LeSean McCoy. He went in the second round and has moved into the starting lineup with Brian Westbrook's injury issues. He seems like a guy who could have provided more than Glen Coffee, but given Frank Gore's role (sometimes) in the 49ers offense and how much of the workload he carries, would McCoy be of enough value?