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Golden Nuggets: I'm all for some Miller.

Good afternoon everyone, I'm saying that because well, because I can. Seeing as how it's Wednesday, I suppose I can stop enjoying Sunday's victory and possibly look ahead to the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. I was present for the first game and almost fell down after jumping up after Frank Gore's second huge run, I can only hope something like that happens again. The 49ers are favored mostly, when you take away the home field advantage for the Seahawks but of course, we can't exactly do that, can we? I wish I had the money to take a road trip and go to this game, I think it'd be good fun. In fact, I may actually do that next season. Anyway, got a couple links for you today, not a whole lot of them but there is some big news. On to the links, then!

Rookie S Curtis Taylor has been placed on injured reserve. I'm not going to lie, I have high hopes for this kid, he is very athletically gifted. (

This means that FB Brit Miller was elevated from the practice squad. (

Maiocco has his every-player review from the game last Sunday against the Jaguars. (

Joe Staley should be ready to return by the Cardinals game, I wonder what will be done with him? I mean, Sims is playing pretty good... (

Sando takes a look at who's stock is rising and who's stock is falling in the NFC West. (

Looks like the 49ers get the fourth announcing crew for the Seahawks game. (

How about some random articles from the opposition? They haven't turned to previews yet, but we can always spy in on what their future will be like, more specifically, the future with Matt Hasselbeck. (

The 49ers hired ex-player Dwight Clark as a consultant from a business standpoint. (

Now is the time for QB Alex Smith to establish his role on this team and in this league. (

Coach Singletary is throwing caution to the wind. (

Just about everyone is getting credit for the win, considering that the players had input on the direction of the offense. (

Not to jump the gun here but the 49ers seriously need to NOT overlook this guy, who just won NFC special teams player of the week. (