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49ers rumored to be one of the "London games" in 2010

Pro Football Talk is reporting that rumors indicate the 49ers might be one of the four teams playing in the pair of London games next season.  According to their sources Jacksonville would "host" Washington, while the 49ers would host an as yet to be determined team.

One slight problem with their rumor, that they themselves acknowledge:

Per the reader, the announcers suggested that the Ravens would be the visiting team in the game "hosted" by San Francisco.  Under the current scheduling formula, however, San Fran will not be playing the teams of the AFC North in 2010; instead, the 49ers will play the four teams of the AFC West, and will play homes games against the Broncos and the Chiefs.

When the league announced the 2009 game, it came late in the 2008 season, so we would hopefully hear something fairly soon.  According to Barrows, John York chairs the league's International Committee and I believe was in London for the Patriots game this season.  So we'll see what comes of these rumors.