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Golden Nuggets: Heeeeeere's... me.

Guess who's back... back again... Ninja's back... alright, lame song reference aside I've fixed my computer troubles (seems to be spreading around NN, guessing Fooch got jealous and gave me a virus) and am back on Nuggets duty on a daily basis. Looking around I see nothing but doom and gloom around this site, all these "I told you so" and "OMG false hope" I say to you folks: man up. Sure we're not making the playoffs even though Singletary said we would, but I for one would prefer a coach who wants it NOW and is confident in his team like this man. No, you're not a genius for saying your favorite team isn't going to make the playoffs oh ye of little faith. This season has hurt as far as the closes losses went, but the highs were so much better than they were under a Mr. Mike Nolan, wouldn't you agree? That's just my personal beef, I guess. I for one am looking forward to slapping around the Lions and the Rams and the upcoming stacked draft. Anybody want to make any predictions right now? Anybody want to step up and say the 49ers won't make the playoffs next season? Go for it, I'll screencap it for you so you don't need to make a fanpost if it happens and save us all some trouble.

Now, that was probably a little bitter of me but I've been gone for a few days, give me a break! That being said, mad props to the two users who texted me today and totally solidified my position of loving this site. This is officially Ninjames appreciates NN day, though there are no prizes or gift giving unless of course, you're sending them my way. Also, you don't get to take off work for this holiday. Actually, scratch that, give my number to your boss and I'll explain it all. To business, shall we?

I'll start with perhaps the most upsetting piece of news I've ever read EVER. The banjo guy... has had his banjo stolen. It's a travesty and I'm depressed now. Also, I had no idea this guy has his own company in which he sells pinwheel beanies, you all know what Ninjames wants for Christmas. (

Don't expect big changes for the 49ers in 2010... I prefer it like this. This was not a terrible 49ers team this year and said team can only improve with continuity. (

Sando has an in-depth look at the 49ers offense. (

How about Monday's Locker Room Talk? Not sure what to expect here (not reading it right now, obviously.) (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Matt Stafford could be starting when the Lions come to the 'Stick. Not sure how I feel about this, after all, John Gruden says he leads the league in grit. In other news Gruden also would wet his pants out of giddiness if a matchup ever showcased Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith quarterbacked teams going at it. Grit central. (

What the [site decorum] is THIS, 49ers?! I leave for TWO days and I come back and there's talk of an Oakland stadium again? I feel betrayed. I will most definitely not buy any tickets to a 49ers game in Oakland, and I was just about to become a holder for life. Anyone wanna bandwagon to the Chargers with me? (psst that's a joke, that last part, I do that) (

Coach Singletary hits rewind on the 49ers loss to the Eagles. (

K Joe Nedney got himself a hamstring injury and had a pretty awesome thing to say about Eagles fans. (

You can watch "The Catch" in its entirety on Thursday on the NFL Network. (

How about some silver linings from Sando concerning the 49ers game against the Eagles? (

Why does Coach Singletary believe in Smith? Good question.. (

If the 49ers play in London in 2010... well, as a season ticket holder I'd be upset if the Niners lost a home game over it, and either way I'd do everything I could to go to that game. (

Takeo Spikes went out and himself a pretty good game against his former team. I wish I could justify buying a Spikes jersey, seriously. I love the guy, probably my favorite 49er but you know, only two seasons and all here. Tough choice. (

One of the bloggers over at our resident Lions blog is of the opinion that Drew Stanton should get the start over Culpepper against the 49ers. (

Oh jeez, understatement of the year alongside "Avatar is a terrible movie" and "Redskins suck" : Andy Lee's punting is and has been impressive. REALLY? (

Maiocco has his report card for the team which I'm sure you've already read, but in case you felt like being depressed, here you go. (