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Golden Nuggets: Steady lads... easy does it

Sorry about that folks, I couldn't think of a title and I happened to be listening to Paul McCartney at the time so... you got lyrics. Still, I suppose with all the negativity and what not going on it still holds true, as per my complaints yesterday about lack of faith. I suppose I can spend another edition of the Nuggets complaining and giving you filler in the form of witty commentary... So I will. Well, maybe less of the wittiness today, I figured I'd share with you all the awesome fact that I am now in possession of a 49ers Snuggie. You know, those blankets with sleeves? With the stupid commercials of entire families wearing them and for some reason the dad thinks it keen to raise the rough like six times in the thirty second spot? Yeah, those things. Man am I embarrassed, I'll admit it... But I have never been more toasty and comfy at the same time. I recommend everybody get one of these and laugh at all who go to bed cold, and laugh even harder at those people who cover up and can't use their hands! Haha!

I can't believe I just ranted on for about a paragraph about a snuggie, pretty sure I'm gonna get fired now. Either way, here's some linkage for your brain. (Note to whoever texted me about Smith earlier, I'd be more than happy to discuss it if you text me again... Accidentally deleted it.)

Singletary apologizes to QB Alex Smith on some of his criticisms he threw Smith's way after the game against the Eagles. I imagine he had to apologize for a lot of bad language. I have a feeling if I talked to him I'd need to apologize afterward, too. (

The 49ers released DT Baraka Atkins... Forgot we even signed him. Still, awesome name. I suppose that's something. (

The team now has an open roster spot to sign a kicker, what with Nedney being injured right now. (

Sando at ESPN's NFC West blog has a video spot concerning the division. (

A look ahead at the upcoming matchup with the Detroit Lions. The 49ers better win this game. That's all I have to say. (

Yeah, I can't imagine the team prefers Oakland either. That's just too bizarre, honestly. (

I just don't think I want to go to a 49ers game in Oakland. Heck, I can't even imagine going to a 49ers game in Santa Clara. I absolutely love San Francisco and Candlestick Park. This was the first year I had season tickets but I won't get them ever in an Oakland Stadium. I like the home field in San Francisco. (

It makes the most sense for the 49ers to stick with what they've got at coach and GM. Continuity is the key. (

Seven seasons without playoffs sucks. Hope to finish 8-8 at the very least though, right? (