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Golden Nuggets: Clueless

Good morning folks! Welcome to today's edition of the Nuggets. Guess who has two thumbs and doesn't know what he's talking about? James Brady, nice to meet you! What I mean by that is I started typing out an introduction and proceeded to rant about how the 49ers had a game tomorrow and how I'd be going and all that jazz and then I realized... well, that it wasn't Saturday. I suppose that's a clear indication on the kind of Christmas I'll be having this year? Either way.. 49ers talk, 49ers talk um... We signed a kicker, a lefty too which I think is pretty cool, I'd never have thought of doing that to keep all the schemes the same and the holder constant. The side Andy Lee has to be on for holding, I wonder how much of a difference that really makes? I mean, I'm not keen on throwing him on the other side just to find out, but I wonder if another kicker had higher credentials that the 49ers considered before going with the lefty? Then again I didn't read into it ant maybe that info is readily available... Must be a testament to how much I research things. "Whoops." Here's some linkage.

Backup C Cody Wallace will get some playing time on Sunday, which is surprising to me. I mean, I guess it's cool to see what we have, but Heitman is consistently the best player on the line under just about any circumstance and I hope we don't get rid of him or something along those lines. (

The 49ers need to finish strong, yet again. Alex Smith also needs to finish strong or the 49ers may be in the market for a new quarterback. (

Jed York is definitely disappointed... like all of us, but he still wants continuity, which I think is pretty important. (

Make sure you check out the re-airing of "The Catch" today on the NFL Network! (

A look at how the teams in the NFC West fared in the draft with their first round picks. I think the 49ers are pretty well off in that regard. (

The 49ers have plenty to accomplish against Detroit. (

Check out some of the conference calls concerning the Lions. (

Yes, the 49ers signed a kicker to fill in for an injured Joe Nedney. A left footed kicker. (

So, looks like there will be no Nate Davis this season. Bummer, I'd like to see some of him. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Jed York confirms there will be no major changes this offseason as far as coaching staff goes. (

I sincerely hope Ahmad Brooks develops as a pass rusher. I like the guy a lot. (