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Merry Christmas 49ers Fans

Christmas Day is generally one of the slowest days of the year when it comes to site traffic.  Naturally people are with family and enjoying the holiday.  Of course maybe that's even more of a reason to poke around Niners Nation!  Either way, we'll have plenty of content for you today starting with our links this morning, and ending with a game thread for what should be a very interesting match-up between the Chargers and Titans (in Tennessee).  The 49ers will be holding a practice today, meaning we'll have the final injury report for you at some point today.  I'm heading over to a friend's place for dinner so I might not actually get the injury report posted until later this evening.

For now, since folks are opening presents (or have opened them already for our Jewish readers) I thought it would be fun to look back at great 49ers-related Christmas presents some of us have received today, or going back to their earliest Christmas.

For me, my first 49ers Christmas present came the season they beat the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII (1988 season, 1989 Super Bowl).  I received a 49ers tshirt for Christmas.  I recall it being fairly basic, but still awesome.  I wore that fairly frequently in January as my 4th grade teacher that year was a Bengals fan.  I wore the tshirt the day they beat Cincinnati, and then the following day to school.  I do believe that qualified as my first real smack talk.

The best present I received though came two years ago.  My dad got me an autographed framed picture of Joe Montana that included a shot of him at Notre Dame and this picture in the center (with the autograph it includes).  Very awesome indeed.

This year was a very solid year as I received a 49ers hooded jacket called a "sherpa jacket" made by Pro Line.  It's big enough to keep me warm in San Francisco without being so big that I'll sweat like crazy in it.  It's got a really nice lining to keep me warm, and given the weather the last few weeks in San Francisco it's definitely useful.  I had initially found it at and sent along a link to my dad, but for some reason the link is dead now.  I even checked for other teams for comparison purposes, but it's gone.  I guess I got one of the last.

So, what 49ers gifts did you receive for Christmas this year, or really any time in the past?  I hope everyone has a happy holiday season.  The 49ers didn't exactly provide us with a great gift here at the end of the season, but it's not the end of the world, right?