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Golden Nuggets: Oh.. today is Christmas?

Moooorning everyone, and happy holidays! Let me start off by saying I hope your day goes well as well as the entire holiday season. Mine is... decent, at this point but here's to hoping it gets better. I initially recorded an audio clip of me wishing you guys a happy holiday and all that, but I'm sick so my voice sounds terrible and I decided against including it. I mean, if any of you wanted to hear the joke I had sort of used, I'd be more than happy to post the audio clip in the comments, but ya know. Anyway, moving on from that I'm getting really excited for the Lions game. Sure the 49ers aren't in playoff contention, etc etc but man this is going to be a nice beatdown, if all goes as planned. I'm actually very late right now and in a hurry, so here's some links.

A pretty interesting bitt about the new kicker the 49ers signed. (

WR Isaac Bruce is likely done as a 49er, he won't be playing the rest of the season. I liked the guy, a lot. (

The defense has its eyes on a strong finish. (

Alex Smith will be among the players still auditioning for their 2010 role. Let me make my stance clear on this since most don't understand where I sit with Alex: I wish him all the luck in the world and hope he's our QB of the future. Do I think he has what it takes? No. Do I want him to prove me wrong? Yessir. (

I don't think the training camp had anything to do with this, but whatever. Something about the tough training camp having an affect on the team, yada yada. (

Sorry for lack of links guys, there isn't much today, but I'll see about updating.