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Golden Nuggets: Not meaningless at all..

Morning everyone. Gameday, right? I'm going to this one, last home game of the season and I'll be cheering as loudly as ever, regardless of playoff hopes (or lack thereof.) Apologies for no links yesterday.. I can't claim a great excuse, I got on to do them around 2 AM and there was only one link and it wasn't very interesting, so I sat up waiting for 3 AM and hoping I can find some more for you by then, but I simply fell asleep at the computer. So apologies there... But to the point at hand, the Lions are coming to Candlestick and I'm prepping to deal with the "COME ON ALEX, DON'T BE SHY HIT YOUR TIGHT END OVER THE MIDDLE!" guy one last time because I doubt I'll have the same seats next season. Either way, I'm excited for HB Frank Gore--he could become the first running back in franchise history to record four consecutive 1000 yard seasons. I mean, he really should considering our next two opponents but lets see what happens, no? Here's some linkage, and as always... GO NINERS!!

49ers Scouting Report--some notes and a preview of the game today. (

Sando has a couple things to say about Alex Smith as he puts him into perspective. (

The offensive numbers are similar to how they've been in past seasons, the only change this time is that OC Jimmy Raye is likely to return next season. (

Frank Gore is 58 yards away from his fourth consecutive 1000 yard rushing season. To put that into perspective, no other running back in franchise history has even rushed for that many, let alone consecutive. (

Playing WR Josh Morgan on kickoffs is yielding nice returns... Aha, God I love stupid puns. (

Here's another notes and preview post from Maiocco. (

These final two games aren't meaningless--it's nice to end on a win, and some key players need to make clear their roles for 2010. (

Teams Talk: FB Brit Miller on the Detroit Lions. (

Ranking the 49ers offensive coordinators.. interesting where Raye happens to be. (

It's important for QB Alex Smith to end the season strong. (

I really hope TE Vernon Davis breaks Gates' TD record for tight ends. He only needs two more to tie it, and three more to break it. Go Vernon, go Vernon.. it's your birthday.. uh huh... yeah. Sorry. (

Sando has his final word on the NFC West before the games begin this week. (