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49ers 6 - Lions 3: Game Thread #2

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_lions_icon_medium

Well this game has certainly been a stinker.  The 49ers seemed to be getting something going at the end of the half, but naturally it ended with a blocked field goal.  Offensively, the only upside to the first half was that the team didn't turn the ball over, and Ricky Schmitt wasn't completely awful.  While he did have the field goal blocked, he's at least hit two other field goals to give the 49ers the first half lead.  All in all, it's not exactly the kind of offensive showing any of us wanted to see in this kind of game.  Defensively, the 49ers have certainly come to play.  They've managed a pair of sacks, two fumbles and an interception.  Calvin Johnson has basically been a one-man show on offense for the Lions, setting up their only points with a catch and two rushes on reverses.

It will be interesting to see how this second half plays out.  Will the offense show up?  Will the defense tire out and start giving up some big plays to Megatron?  I know some folks are fine with a loss for draft pick purposes, but I view a loss to the Lions as an embarrassment.  Let's try and avoid that.