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Golden Nuggets: Not even beautiful for us

Well that was... an odd feeling. I almost left that game at halftime, folks, not gonna lie. I think I'm pretty close to being a die hard fan, you know? Season ticket holder, etc, etc.. I mean come on, I got an interview with Jerry Rice and I almost fainted. But God that first half was just bad. It was a complete and total regression in every sense of the word... Still, I suppose there's some bright spots, no? We've got one of the best tight ends in the league, broke a couple records, chasing a couple records, gonna beat up on the Rams in a weeks time.. should be good, right? Anyway, moving on from that I just wanted to say if you've ever though about going to a game and you're not sure... go. I attended every home game, and maybe it was because of the people who had season tickets around me, but it was awesome. That being said I'm gonna go ahead and give a shoutout to NINER TONE and JD, two of the people who helped make the game experiences enjoyable. Hope to get seats in that area again guys, and with any luck they'll come on here and read this like I asked 'em too. That being said, I'll get you to your links for the day.

QB Alex Smith was nothing great yesterday, but he was consistent. Funny, from my end it was just terrible and Gore went ahead and saved him with some great YAC. Still, I suppose he didn't play... terribly, the play calling was probably to blame as much as the abysmal offensive line play. (

HB Frank Gore reached a milestone yesterday, as well as a recap. (

Here's more on Frank Gore's milestone, as well as Vernon Davis' quest to reach his own from well, myself. Hope you don't mind a little self promotion. (

Singletary told Alex Smith that he should have simply dove in as opposed to throwing a touchdown pass to Davis. I kind of agree, but overall Smith exuded good judgement if he indeed didn't know what the linebacker was doing. (

Maiocco has his report card for the game yesterday, always a good read. (

Linkage after the jump.

Singletary's fourth down call sure paid off, though when I think about it I think I can remember every one he called wrong.. and none he called right. Funny how that works. (

Here's some notes and a recap from the official website. (

Check out the recap from our resident Lions blog, always good to get a take on the opposition. (

The defense definitely lead the way here--six turnovers. Feels good, man. (

Lynch from the Chronicle has some notes and reactions following the game. (

How about another recap, why not, right? This one from Barrows. (

One more recap and note article, this one from Samuel Lam. (

It was, you know... a rather messy and ugly win over a messy and ugly team. It should not have been that difficult. If it was a shootout, that's one thing. But it was just pathetic for long stretches of time. (