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Mike Singletary Monday lunch press conference: Lions edition

The 49ers wrapped up their home schedule with a 20-6 win over the Lions yesterday.  That leaves them with a 6-2 home schedule.  A win next week at St. Louis would leave them with a 2-6 road schedule.  Certainly not the kind of finish that anybody would like.  They'll definitely have to work on their approach to road games heading into next season.

Since it's Monday and lunch is fast approaching, we're back with Mike Singletary's morning after press conference.  I'd imagine he'll address Alex Smith's performance.  He'll certainly get plenty of questions about the offense, but I'm not sure what we can expect about the defense.  Maybe why the defense seemed to have more intensity throughout the game than the offense.  That's certainly on my mind.

So, feel free to use this as an open thread for discussing Coach Singletary's press conference, or whatever else.  For those who miss the press conference, you can view the video over at or you can wait for me to post the transcript of the press conference later this afternoon.

Live Press Conference Link