Looking ahead in the 2010 season schedule

The following are next year games for the San Francisco 49ers:

Home games:
Oakland, Denver, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis and loser of Sunday's Philadelphia/Dallas game.

Road games:
Green Bay, San Diego, Kansas City, Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona, Seattle and St. Louis

I know it's hard to look into next year for the San Francisco 49ers without first analzying this year season's positive and negatives and the upcoming draft. However, I find it hard to anaylze the 49ers without going into next year's season schedule.

When this season started I predicted that the San Francisco 49ers would finish with an 8-8 record, which they are well on their way on. Nonetheless, I could have easily been proven wrong if it wasn't for some last minute screw ups on the road against the Vikings and Colts; moreover, and the disappointing lost in Seattle. The 49ers at best could have finished with an 11-5 record, a record in which I believed was far from attainable. Nevertheless, it seems very likey they will finish with even 8-8 record. Thus, my predication will stand true.

Looking into the teams the 49ers play next, I divided it into three section: games the 49ers could win, games the 49ers should win, and games the 49ers have to fight for.

Games the 49er could win:





Games the 49ers should win:


Tampa Bay

St. Luis


Kansas City

Games the 49ers have to work hard on:

New Orleans (good thing the 49ers play them at home)

San Diego (good thing the 49ers stay in the west cost)

Green Bay

loser of Phila/Dallas game (good thing the 49ers play them at home)

Compared to this year's season schedule, I feel that next year work towards the 49er's advantage. At best, I believe they could easily win 11 games.

For now that's my opinion.....the rest is for open interpretation.

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